Whatever happened to …

… Tab?

According to WordPress’ numbering scheme, this is the 400th time that I’ve written a post with this title. So, maybe there have been 401 posts since the first wouldn’t have carried a number. More important than “what can you do” is “what have you don’t lately”. Here goes. Thank you so much for everyone who has been on this journey with me.

Are you old enough to remember this commercial?


Tab was the soft drink, apparently, if you wanted to become one of the “beautiful people”. Or, that’s what they’d have you to believe – what a great marketing scheme for the time. You’d never get away with that these days.

It was manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company. They had been making Coke for years but, in a desire to be slim, people were looking at the amount of sugar that was in Coke and the company wanted to offer something else.

I can remember trying it once or twice; I needed to be beautiful but I was never a fan of the drink. It seemed to have an after taste to it. I stuck with the original Coke. Say what you will, you could go into any convenience store and maybe find a Coke or a Pepsi but Tab was not always available. Good choice on my part!

The Coca-Cola company went on to offer other soft drinks with less or no sugar to sweeten the drink. Of course, Coca-Cola wasn’t the only cola type of drink. PepsiCo offered a non-sugar product to compete as well. 

And, there were a number of different diet soft drinks offered to we consumers over the year. Here’s one opinion of them ranked in order of taste.

I’m sorry if you’re reading this early on Sunday morning and you’re enjoying a coffee instead of a soft drink. But, I’ll bet that you have some memories.

  • The big question – Coke or Pepsi?
  • Were you a fan of the Tab drink?
  • When was the last time you saw Tab offered for sale?
  • What was Tab sweetened with?
  • You don’t know how difficult it was for me to type “soft drink” as I wrote this post. What do we Canadians generally call this sort of drink? What do Americans call it?
  • If you are interested in a low or no sugar product these days. where do you turn?
  • What’s it sweetened with?
  • Can you think of another advertising slogan or pitch that was OK but would never fly today?

Please take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments below.

This is a regular Sunday morning post around here. You can read all of the past ones here.


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