Whatever happened to …

… The Payola$?

Not to be confused with Payola which was the topic last week, courtesy of inspiration from Doug McDowall.

Payola$ was a Canadian band. The original name was actually payolas but they threw in the dollar sign to make the name really stand out.

Doug wasn’t just thumbing through the dictionary and stopping at the Ps to generate these two topics. It was a conversation among friends about radio stations that had come and gone. CJOM really started me thinking and researching. I thought Windsor had one radio station, CKLW, and that was it. Apparently, it was a popular radio station but it had gone away before I moved to Essex County. I do remember CJAM.

Radio is actually an amazing thing around here. I read an article once that said that the Windsor/Detroit area had the highest concentration of over the air radio stations in the world. It’s not just those two cities and outlying suburbs. We can also get Leamington, Cleveland and Toledo stations. Of course, that’s all moot these days when virtually every station is available over the internet.

As I started to think of Payola$, this song came to mind.


But, I will admit that that was all that came to mind.

So, what does a researcher do for more music? Well, you head on over to YouTube and listen to a playlist.

There was nothing else that played that I could remember hearing before. Never say never but I think I have to this time. However, it was enjoyable and most of all, Canadian.

For a Sunday, your thoughts.

  • do you ever get into a conversation with someone about music and draw a blank which eventually goes away?
  • do you remember “Eyes of a Stranger”?
  • do you remember any other Payola$ songs?
  • these days, how do you listen to radio – over the air or online/digitally?
  • who was the member of the Payola$ who helped with a name change – XXXX XXXX and the Payola$?
  • The Payola$ didn’t make this list
    The best Canadian rock bands of all time
    should they have?
  • these days, we have AM, FM, and digital radio available to us in our cars. Why are there no great rock AM stations?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish my readers a Merry Christmas for tomorrow so here goes …

As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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